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Marcia Meyer's music can be described as New Age, ambient with delicate use of nature sounds. Recording out of Vancouver this composer - pianist creates original music and as a musician is a song writer, classically trained often using electronics computers and synthesizers. Marcia Cooney Meyer and Paul Marcano recorded an album Beyond One in 2007 which was Marcia's first official recording since her Natural Reflections album of 1989 which followed her incredible Oregon Summer and her first album Phases in 1981. It featured an eclectic mix of songs for nylon sting classical guitar, piano and flute soundscapes. Her music can be used for soundtracks with permission and is available as mp3s downloads, cds and rare vinyl albums. This indie independent artist is a performing singer, vocalist who in the past has sung with the Bach Choir. She has also played with Patricia Dahlquist and Ross Barrett and worked with Mary Watkins who scored the string sections on Oregon Summer.