And then came Beyond One. In 2004 after many years of a virtual, compositional void, I phoned up my friend Paul Marcano and said: "Hey Paul let's get together and create some music!" We created Beyond One over a series of weekends starting in 2004 and ending in 2007. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that something as incredible and innovative as this would result from such an off-handed request. Beyond One is an improvisational dream. Raw yet refined, this 52 minute muscial sojourn is a magnificent tapestry of unique and wonderful sound delights. This was Paul's and my, Second Chance to recapture Lost Moments and create The One and only, Beyond One.

The music of Beyond One is really for the discerning ear. Let me give a little commentary.

I believe Western Music throughout history, follows the harmonic series of a single note. When you play a single note on the piano (or any instrument for that matter, each instrument has its own harmonics), the note results in a series of overtones or the harmonic series. It goes something like this: fundamental note, octave, fifth, fourth, third, two minor thirds, a series of seconds and finally a series of diminished seconds.

So if you think of the history of our Western Music, we started by singing in unison or octaves (the same note up or down eight notes). By the Middle Ages we sang in harmonies of predominantly fourths and fifths (Gregorian chants). During the classical period (Beethoven, Mozart and the like), triadic harmony was prevalent, (a series of thirds, i.e. do, mi, so). The romantic period (Chopin etc.) explored the more lush harmonies of minor thirds. Skip ahead to the twentieth century and we start hearing composer-created tone rows, usually containing lots of seconds (notes right beside each other) and diminished seconds (even closer - kind of nightmarish). And voila, right up the harmonic series.

Okay so Paul and I have recorded this CD of improvised music. Paul's infuence as a guitarist is that he was inspired by the early music of "Pink Floyd", "Tangerine Dream" and "King Crimson" (the progressive rock of the 70's and softer sounds that were, I believe, a precursor to the "New Age" style of music). I on the other hand, am a classically trained pianist.

Remember my theory of Western Music. In our music you will hear a prevalence of minor seconds in our melodies - the scary note, so to speak - (from the top of the harmonic series). Very indicative of our time I think, (especially post 9 - 11). By the end of the CD we move towards the more hopeful and optimistic major sounds which is also indicative of the times we live in (at least so I optimistically believe and hope)!

There you have it. I hope you enjoy!